Virginia Beach Hotels With 18+ Check-In

Are you 18 years old and looking to book a hotel in Virginia Beach? It can be a challenge, but don’t worry. By considering alternative accommodation options and doing your research, you should be able to find a place to stay in Virginia Beach that meets your needs. Just be sure to follow the rules and be honest about your age to avoid any problems.

First, let’s take a look at some of the more popular 18+ hotels in Virginia Beach. Depending on your budget and location preferences, you may be able to find a hotel that meets your needs. Before booking, it’s always a good idea to do some research and read reviews to ensure that you are getting a quality place to stay in Virginia Beach.

Some hotels from our recommended list may update their policy at any time. Please make sure to check the minimum age before booking.

Recommended 18+ Check-In Hotels In Virginia Beach:

Ocean27 Hotel

Ocean27 Hotel is a family-owned and operated resort hotel on the Virginia Beach oceanfront... Click to see the best price.
Ocean27 Hotel

Extended Stay America Suites

Just 16 km from Oceana Naval Air Station, this Extended Stay America – Virginia Beach – Independence Blvd... Click to see the best price.
Extended Stay America Suites

La Quinta by Wyndham Virginia Beach

This Virginia Beach hotel is located just 300 metres walk to the beach and boardwalk. Every room features a flat-screen cable TV and free WiFi... Click to see the best price.
La Quinta by Wyndham Virginia Beach

Courtyard Virginia Beach Oceanfront / North 37th Street

Located on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk with access to the public beach, every room in this Marriott hotel features a flat-screen TV and a balcony with….. Click to see the best price.
Courtyard Virginia Beach Oceanfront / North 37th Street

When booking a hotel in Virginia Beach, Virginia, as an 18 year old, you should be aware of local laws and regulations that may affect your stay. Under Virginia law, the age of majority is 18, meaning you are legally considered an adult. However, some hotels may have additional age restrictions and may require parental consent if you are under 21 years of age. Additionally, many hotels will require a valid form of identification at check-in, such as a driver’s license or passport. It is also important to be aware of any additional fees that may be charged for having an extra person in the room, as some hotels may charge for this. Finally, be sure to read the hotel’s cancellation policy before booking, as some may charge a fee for canceling or changing your reservation.

By researching local laws and regulations and reading the hotel’s policies carefully, you can ensure that you have a pleasant and safe stay in Virginia Beach.

Frequently Asked Questions

The hotel's policies will determine this. Some hotels in Virginia Beach age requirement of 21, while others may allow guests who are 18 or older. Before booking, be sure to check the hotel's policies.

Technically, no. Most hotels have a minimum age requirement of 18 for guests. If you are traveling with a parent or guardian, they may be able to book a room for both of you.

No, it is not a good idea to use a fake ID to book a hotel room. If you are caught, you may be subject to criminal charges and fines, and it is also illegal. When booking a hotel room, it is always best to be honest and upfront about your age.

Many hotels require a credit card to hold a reservation and to cover any incidental charges. Upon arrival, some hotels may allow you to pay with cash or a debit card. Before booking, it is always best to check the hotel's policies.

When traveling, it is generally a good idea to have a government-issued ID with you, as it may be required at check-in. This could include a driver's license, passport, or state ID.

The hotel's policies will determine this. Some hotels may allow you to book a room in someone else's name, while others may require that the guest be present at check-in. Before booking, be sure to check the hotel's policies.

It depends on the hotel's policies. Some hotels may have a minimum age requirement of 21 for guests, while others may allow guests who are 18 or older. Be sure to check the hotel's policies before booking.

The hotel's policies will determine this. Some hotels may require that a parent or guardian be present for guests under a certain age, while others may allow minors to stay without an adult present. Be sure to check the hotel's policies before booking.

What To See & Do In Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is a popular beach town with plenty of attractions to explore. From natural beauty to cultural hotspots, there’s something for everyone in Virginia Beach.

1. Virginia Beach Boardwalk: The Virginia Beach Boardwalk stretches 3 miles along the ocean and is a great spot for biking, walking or roller-skating.

2. First Landing State Park: Take a hike or bike ride through this 2,888-acre park, which is home to a variety of wildlife, plants and trees.

3. Neptune’s Park: Enjoy a beachside amusement park complete with a ferris wheel, carousel, roller coaster, arcade and more.

4. Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center: Get an up close look at dolphins, sea turtles, sharks, and more at this interactive aquarium.

5. Motor World: Visit this fun amusement park with go-karts, mini golf, bumper boats and more.

6. Ocean Breeze Waterpark: Cool off with thrilling water slides, lazy rivers and a wave pool.

7. Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art: Explore the works of renowned local and international artists at this museum.

8. Virginia Beach Fishing Pier: Try your luck at fishing off this iconic pier, which extends 1,000 feet into the Atlantic Ocean and offers stunning views of the coastline.


Virginia Beach has something to offer everyone; from beaches and boardwalks to amusement parks and arcades, there is an abundance of activities to do and sights to see. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax and soak up some sun, or an adventure-filled vacation, Virginia Beach is the perfect destination. With its warm climate and beautiful scenery, Virginia Beach is an ideal spot for an 18 year old traveler. From its vibrant nightlife to its numerous attractions, Virginia Beach is the perfect place to stay for a fun and memorable trip.

For those who are looking for a more relaxed, beach-focused vacation, Virginia Beach has plenty of options. Sunbathing and swimming are popular activities on the beach, but there is also plenty of surf and sand for those looking for a bit of adventure. For a unique experience, try out some of the area’s wave surfing, kite surfing, or paddle boarding. After a day in the sun, head to the boardwalk for shopping, restaurants, and live music.

For those looking for a more active vacation, Virginia Beach is home to some great attractions. Take a trip to the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center and explore the world beneath the sea. For a thrill, head to the Virginia Beach Amusement Park and ride some of the area’s most exciting roller coasters. The Virginia Beach Sportsplex is a great place to catch a game of soccer, lacrosse, or tennis, or just get some exercise.

No matter what type of traveler you are, Virginia Beach has something for everyone. With its beautiful beaches, exciting nightlife, and fun attractions, Virginia Beach is sure to make your vacation a memorable one.